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This Professional Growth Strategy Is No Longer Just for Corporate Leaders

While being sent for remedial coaching at the office used to sound the alarm on “low-performance employees,” Fortune Magazine now reports that 87% of employers surveyed by the Human Capital Institute are offering one-on-one coaching to “high potentials.”

In other words, coaching is a perk—a benefit—to up-and-coming future leaders within high performance organizations.

"Because of the goal-setting mechanism and accountability feature of coaching, anyone who wants to vastly improve their lifestyle, career, fitness, net worth, or personal network can benefit from working with a qualified coach." - Julie Phillips, Life Coach

Julie Phillips is certified in a unique coaching method based on the work of Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl, authors of Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World. Working on every area of their lives—not just career skills or professional growth—helps executives (and those who want to achieve more success) resolve lifestyle stressors outside the office so they’re free to focus on their professional performance on the job.

What kinds of stress-free outcomes result from working with a Certified Oola Life Coach like Julie?

Personal Finances: Debt reduction, boosting retirement savings, planning for major purchases, bringing other family members in alignment with financial planning goals.

Health and Fitness: Starting a workout routine, gaining mental clarity through better nutrition, losing weight, getting more sleep, addressing long-standing health conditions.

Family Matters: Setting boundaries around toxic family members, improving one’s marriage, resolving issues with adult children, managing the stress and career impact of eldercare.

Friendships: Recognizing toxic friendships, reverse-engineering new friends, seeking out mentors, upgrading an employee’s personal network which leads to better connections and benefits to the employer.

Achieving a life of contentment, vibrant good health, ample finances, and supportive relationships is what Oola Coaching delivers—but it’s not just for corporate employees. For years, Oola Coaching has attracted entrepreneurs and even stay-at-home moms pursuing a second income. Interested in pursuing "Oola" for your life? Learn more here:

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