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Are You Ready To Start Living The Oola Lifestyle?

What does your best life look like?

Have you ever thought about what you would do, be and have if every area of your life—from your finances to your fitness family, and career—just worked?


When you attend an Oola Life Workshop, you’ll discover what millions of people around the world already know: a balanced life is the ultimate lifestyle—one where you’re happy, growing, and ready for the next big adventure. Whether it’s a new career you want, a soulmate to spend your future with, the confidence that comes with stable finances—even the option to retire early and enjoy time with family, friends, or a cause you care about—we’ll give you the formula at this powerful half-day workshop.


You’ll learn:

The OolaWheel: an exercise that shows where you’re out of balance and where you need to focus first

The Green Gap Formula: an easy way to eliminate debt, save for your future and still have fun—all at the same time

Blockers and Accelerators: those habits, behaviors, and mindsets that keep you from (or accelerate you toward) success

Oranges and Skittles: the daily routine that will keep you focused on accomplishing big-picture goals

The OolaPlan: your individual lifestyle, career, and financial goals—narrowed down to the one thing you must do now

Plus so much more!


Don't just dream about the ideal life!

Start living it with the proven Oola formula for transforming your life in every area. You’ll decide what you want and create a plan in the following major areas—what we call “The 7 F’s of Oola”:


  • Fitness—improve mental clarity, eat healthier, get more exercise, sleep better, and address nagging health conditions

  • Finances—eliminate the weight of debt, save for retirement, get your paperwork in order, and spend without guilt

  • Family—enrich your marriage, focus on your kids’ real needs, deal with toxic relatives, and set boundaries for behavior

  • Field (Career)—decide what you want, identify a path to getting there, uplevel your skills, earn more than ever before

  • Faith—deepen your relationship with God, discover your life purpose, develop a daily practice, love others well

  • Friends—reverse engineer the friendships you want, unfriend toxic pals, spend more face time with people who care

  • Fun—research fun activities locally, schedule and fund “bucket list” adventures, guard your time off and weekends


Today’s world is hectic, over-scheduled, and filled with people who aren’t all that concerned with your important life goals. Worse yet, there are countless ways to waste time, miss deadlines, hang out on social media, go further into debt, and meet the needs of others instead of your own. Isn’t it time to invest in yourself for a few hours, then begin to create a more balanced life that you love waking up to every morning?


The half-day Group Workshop is the place to really start that transformation, yet the cost is less than the average shopping spree or night on the town. You can join one of the scheduled Group Workshops or you can schedule a Private Workshop with your friends and family.  It's an awesome way to connect and grow as you share purpose-filled time together. (One-on-One and Couples Workshops are available too. - pricing will vary.)


Workshops Include:

  • Year-In-Review Assessment - see where you've been, so you can focus on where you are going

  • Comprehensive Journal for recording your plans throughout the workshop & for reviewing once you get home 

  • Focused Goal-Setting - motivates & triggers new behaviors to sustain momentum.

  • Engaging & Fun Music planned to clear blockers & stimulate creative thought

  • 30 Minute 1-on-1 Follow-up Coaching Session (within two weeks of workshop - $57 value)

  • Discount Voucher for 12 Week Oola Coaching Program ($50 value)

    ***FREE Oola Balance Book when you register a friend with your registration

Click here to register and grab one of the limited seats available.



 All Workshop Options

All workshops are 4-5 hours. They include the above-mentioned materials & perks for each attendee. 

  • Group Workshop - scheduled monthly and open to anyone who would like to participate

  • Private Workshop - host a workshop for your friends and/or family members 

  • One-on-One Workshop - just you & me working on setting goals & dreaming BIG

  • Couples Workshop - designed to help a couple navigate goals & dreams (individually & separately)

*Pricing varies for each workshop option. See Plans & Pricing and contact us for more information.

Be Grateful & Have Faith


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