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Oola Program
The Epiphany Effect offers many options for you to begin your coaching journey. But, if you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start, the 10-Week Oola Program is a great place to jump-start some changes in your life. Embracing Oola and focusing on creating Balance & GROWING in the 7 Key Areas of my life is EXACTLY what helped me break down blockers, DREAM, and uncover greater PURPOSE in my life. It empowered me to set goals and take ACTION in BIG & small ways. It can help you too!"

Find Balance & Grow

in the 7 key areas of your life with an Oola Coaching Program.

There are three incredible Oola programs available  which include weekly coaching videos PLUS
1-Hr Coaching Sessions with Me each week.
UNSTUCK - Oola Basics   3 Week Program
TRANSFORM - 10 Week Transformation Program 
More Services


  • Are you ready to work with a Life Coach? Am I the right Coach for you?
  • Are you feeling stuck? Need help moving forward toward your purpose?
    6 Week Program
  • Self-Discovery Program to Find Clarity & Move You Forward.
    12 Week Program
  • 12 Coaching Sessions to attain long-term, sustainable changes.
    6 Month Program
  • Follow-Up Session to Explore New Epiphanies or Address Challenges
    90 Minute Session
  • Need a kick in the pants? This is the accountability you need!
    One Month Intensive
  • Create a dynamic, romantic, & respectful “conscious relationship”
    Couples Package
  • In Search of Balance in this Crazy Unbalanced World?
    1/2 Day Workshop
  • Seeking Financial Freedom? Learn from the OolaGuru, OolaSeeker, & Me!
    3 Sessions

WHAT PEOPLE are saying

”I have known Julie for about 5 years now. From the moment I met her, I knew she was different. She has a way of making everyone feel seen and comfortable. Now that she knows me on a deeper level, I’m amazed at how Julie can listen to me like no one else and lift me up and tell me what I need to hear. I never feel judged or like I’m being bossed around- I shut down with that type of interaction. She has a way of delivering a message that I need to hear from a place of such deep love I can take the feedback and know I’m in a safe place. When I’m around Julie or when I think about how she would handle a situation I want to be better. She has helped me grow so much in all areas of my life but definitely in how I interact with people.“

—  Cortney D.


As your Coach, I look forward to sharing encouragement & inspiration, helping you set goals & overcome obstacles, being your personal cheerleader, and Dreaming Big with YOU!

W Julie Michelle

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