"The Epiphany Effect offers many options for you to begin your coaching journey. But, if you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start, the 10-Week Oola Program is a great place to jump-start some changes in your life. Embracing Oola and focusing on creating Balance & GROWING in the 7 Key Areas of my life is EXACTLY what helped me break down blockers, DREAM, and uncover greater PURPOSE in my life. It empowered me to set goals and take ACTION in BIG & small ways. It can help you too!"

Find Balance & Grow

in the 7 key areas of your life with an Oola Coaching Program.

There are two incredible Oola programs available  which include weekly coaching videos PLUS
1-Hr Coaching Sessions with Me each week.
  • Oola Basics - 3 Week Quick Start Program
  • Oola Balance - 10 Week Transformation Program