Love Is A Verb

When I was growing up, my daddy always said, “Actions speak louder than words.” As an adult, I've really found his words to be true.

I’d heard plenty of professions of love. But I had also experienced copious amounts of conduct that contradicted what I knew love should look like.

At 42, I’d been rockin the single mom life for quite a while when I met Chris. He approached me with a smile and said, “You look pretty today.”

My knee-jerk reaction was a slightly snarky and totally jaded “Now that’s a line”, paired with a cynical eye roll.

If my reaction surprised him, he didn’t show it. Instead, he politely replied “Not at all. It’s a compliment because you really do look pretty.”

Unwilling to give him even a glimmer of grace, I raised an eyebrow and quite matter-of-factly popped off with “Well, all men are douche bags so…”

“Not ALL guys.” he said.

Nevertheless, as a disheartened, distrusting divorcee who felt unbelievably broken, I had built a barricade around my heart so high I couldn’t even accept warm words from a genuinely kind guy.

BUT LOVE IS A VERB. It isn’t just a feeling or some words to woo. And Chris knew that.

In that moment (as I tried to dismiss him and his sincere words), something welled up inside him that commissioned him to show me not ALL men were what I believed them to be. On that day Chris began an unexpected mission to remove my towering wall, brick by brick.

It began with small gestures of kindness, words of encouragement, showing honor, and giving grace. Chris had no air of arrogance about him but instead showed a humble heart in everything he did. And he was quick to serve instead of waiting to be served.