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Hello, Friend. I’m Julie! 

I am a sassy, supportive, smiley, creative, encouraging, caring, intuitive, observant, passionate, positive, silly, strong-willed, spirited, out-going, out-spoken Oklahoma gal who loves Jesus!

I am a Wife, Daughter, Mama, Friend, J.Ma (to 8 beautiful grands) and Child of the King. I feel entirely blessed to hold each of those roles. My family (and my relationship with God) gives me life, empowers me, keeps me grounded and helps me soar all at the same time.


I'm a sucker for sunshine, succulents, beaches, and my grandbabies.  I have a weakness for pink Himalayan sea salt, chocolate covered nuts, chips & salsa, and Kung-Fu Girl wine. Decorating is a life-long love affair of mine and it brings me joy to offer my gifts to others. I'm an 80's girl who has eclectic music tastes... I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll, along with everything in between.  Talking to strangers and making them smile is kinda my jam.  I have a real fondness for blingy things and high heeled shoes, but I totally dig a good pair of yoga pants and messy bun too. I'm a fan of The Voice, This is Us, and Fixer Upper.  I truly admire and appreciate my parents and have the best brothers.  I'm a collector of markers, notepads, and journals (the more colorful the better). I'm a total quote-a-holic and love finding new ones that speak to me each day. Essential oils are a new obsession, along with making healthier choices for me and my world. I'm a lover and a fighter. And I'm a perfectionist and a slob rolled up into one. 


As a long-time Interior Decorator, I've loved creating beautiful spaces for my clients, and I'm passionate about putting smiles on their faces. I truly believed it's all I would do until I could no longer climb ladders and wield a hammer, like Chip Gaines. So, what brought me to Life Coaching?

The truth is... I had a void. There has been a tugging in my heart for a while, a long while. Actually, tugging isn’t really the right word. It was more like a stirring. As if God had been mixing in all the ingredients needed for a most delicious recipe. I didn't understand why I'd continued to feel such a vacancy within me when I was in such an incredibly happy place in life. Then I finally realized, I had passions in my life, but w
as I using them to Live Out My Purpose?

During months of praying specifically about vision for my future & my PURPOSE, life coaching is what kept showing up. (Which is a whole beautiful story in itself that you can read
here if you'd like.) For now, I’ll just say that God brought me to Coaching and He brought me to OOLA. I am blessed and absolutely psyched to be able to help my clients Gain Vision, Create Balance, and Grow so they can #LiveOola lives!


Friend, are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, discouraged? Have you experienced brokenness? Or perhaps you are ready for the next chapter in your life and you need a little help turning the page. I understand. I Have Been There. But I am an overcomer! And So Are You! Let me help you take the steps to a better you!

I look forward to sharing encouragement & inspiration, overcoming obstacles, and dreaming big with you! Because YOU Are Designed By God For Greatness and Purpose!


"The purposes of a person's heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out."  Proverbs 20:5
Coach Jules

What is Oola? It is the state of AWESOMENESS you find when you create balance in 7 key areas of your life. Faith + Family + Field (your job) Finance + Fitness (your health) + Friends + Fun !

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